Why straight men don’t use Pinterest

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The potential customer base for Pinterest is half of humanity–i.e., all women. Because most of us are bottomless pits of wanting and Pinterest gives us a way to catalogue the myriad things we want. It’s been hypothesized that men don’t use Pinterest because they’re ‘not into scrapbooking’ or they’re ‘too foggybrained’ to remember to pin items they like. But I think these hypotheses are wrong. Men don’t use Pinterest because they only really want 3 things, which don’t need cataloging:  food, sex, and TV/the Internet.



6 Replies to “Why straight men don’t use Pinterest”

  1. Oooo, love your pins! I clicked on the image because I thought the woman in the white Grecian dress was you. Going on Pintrest so I can follow you there!

  2. I’m a Big Ole Pinterest Whore. But it’s a massive upgrade to when I was an 80s whore, so there’s that.

    I’m with you on this all the way, girlie. But we can’t forget our Gays. Gotta love me some Ginterest.

  3. Sadly true. Right now I wish I was more male, but alas I am female enough to want that couch and wallpaper on your board.

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