Hi. I’m Courtney Daniels.

I’m an independent filmmaker from Houston living in Los Angeles.

Why do I look happy?

Because I’m not waiting for others to pick me.

I’m not trying to sell a spec script, attach a star, or raise financing.

I’m making movies NOW.

And I’ve shared everything I know about independent filmmaking in my new book.

If you read it now, you could start shooting your first movie immediately.

Exciting, right?

THIS is the book I wished existed when I was making my first feature and then, later, when I hadn’t yet saved up money for my second feature but was dying to make something. 

In it, I briefly cover how to make a film with a crew for around $35K. The rest of the book is devoted to the “almost no budget” approach, in which I tell you how to learn to do everything yourself–operate a camera, light actors, record sound, and edit footage.

If that sounds impossible, consider the fact that I couldn’t even set the time on a watch, yet I got a camera, some lights, and a subscription to Adobe Premiere Pro editing software, and within a few months, I was shooting and editing scenes for my latest feature, This F*%king Town.

Working solo with actors is low-pressure, low-stakes, and FUN. When I started doing it, I was so excited I wanted to encourage others to try it. Which is why I wrote my book.

Stop waiting to be picked, stop waiting for permission, stop waiting–period.

Get my book and make your dream come true.

BUY DIRECT here (get a beautiful, offset-printed paperback from my publisher).

BUY ON AMAZON here (get a print-on-demand paperback–not quite as beautiful, but the text is exactly the same, and shipping is free).

If you want to get inspired, watch the other short videos I’ve released on YouTube, Instagram or LinkedIn. 


Get YES YOU CAN – How to Make a Movie for Almost No Money here.


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