Hi. My name is Courtney Daniels and I’m an independent filmmaker.┬áI like animals, muscle cars, matcha lattes, and anyone with a strong┬áregional accent.

If you’ve been contemplating doing something challenging, I hope you’ll find inspiration to go for it after listening to my story:


Love the ’80s typeface on my title card, designed by Set Sail Studio.
Actors Mike Friedman and Annie Cavalero, from Bedroom Story
I just like this picture of my husband, Jimmy, with Dana Gould and Kat Aageson.
Greg Hoyt is the hilarious actor from Sam Adams’ “Your Cousin from Boston”
commercials as well as being in all of my projects. I love Greg!
My brother-in-law Mark Nadeski, actor Mike Friedman, me, and my husband and producing partner Jimmy.
Me and actress Natalie Fabrizio, from This Fucking Town.