Hi. My name is Courtney Daniels and I’m an independent filmmaker. I’m from Houston and I live in Los Angeles. I like movies from the ’70s, music from the ’80s, animals, muscle cars, and anyone with a strong regional accent.

I make films about how men and women interact and about the challenges of trying to ‘make it’ in Hollywood. I tend to work with the same group of actors on every project, sort of like a theater troupe. 

My first movie, What Other Couples Do, was deemed “one of the 9 sexiest films on Amazon Prime” (along with Dirty Dancing!) by Thrillist.com and has been seen by over 2 million people. It can be streamed here


My latest movie, Bedroom Story, is about a long-married couple who hits a rough patch. It deals with modern obsessions like the pursuit of success and happiness, social media addiction, and nostalgia. It can be streamed here

My new movie about actors looking for love and work in Hollywood, This Fucking Town, will be out in March 2023.

I’ve written a book that is a guide to super low budget indie filmmaking and it will be out in Summer 2023.  

If you’ve been thinking about attempting something challenging, I hope you’ll find inspiration to go for it after listening to my story on these podcasts:


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