Why we have to be flogged into being productive


There are so many posts on the Internet exhorting us to be more productive, but the reason we’re not being productive is because of the stupid Internet. And we can’t stop to reflect on the irony because we have to get back to clicking on other stuff. Today, I clicked through a slideshow of famous couples who’ve stayed together “despite the scandals they’ve weathered.” Who deserves to be flogged? I do. Guess who I want to flog me? Celebrities Who Have Changed So Much You Won’t Recognize Them Now!

Before the Internet existed, there probably wasn’t nearly as much written about productivity. Probably the only people who really thought about productivity were CEOs and efficiency experts. When I think about what life was like before the Internet, I picture us sitting in our houses, staring into the middle distance, with nothing to do. No distractions, nothing stopping us from writing a novel or learning guitar or whatever. But probably we were mostly at the mall or playing tennis. Just doing ’80s activities. It seems like heaven compared to today, being tethered to our computers and phones.

Did I already tell you about how, in the early days of the Internet, I sat next to a 30-something guy on a plane who confessed he was in counseling for his addiction to being online? I remember looking at him and thinking, “That’s weird.” I couldn’t relate at all. I wonder where that guy is now. If he was already addicted back then, he must be a basket case now. Actually, no, he’s probably still way ahead of us–he is probably taking regular, self-imposed breaks from the Internet. Which I think we are all going to start doing, for real this time, any day now. Right after we check Facebook.



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    1. Started a no-Internet-from-10am-2pm rule today. I kept wanting to avoid thinking about my project and go online instead. Felt really weird, not being able to surf the net whenever I got the urge. But it was good. I’m going to work my way up to 10am-5pm.

  1. Can you send me the address of the Celebrities Who Have Changed So Much You Won’t Recognize Them Now!? Haven’t seen that one…

  2. I actually decided that I was going to play a game with the kids were we all pick a number, then go to Michael’s and spend $10 (in whatever aisle number we chose) to make something. Great plan, but here I sit.

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