What is your attitude?

I think it’s sort of pathetic to consult psychics. But I consulted a psychic. Her name is Angel Eyedealism and I love her. She told me I should be “ebullient.” This was a year ago. I guess I wasn’t ready to hear it at that time. But recently I was listening to the recording I made of my consultation with her, and I was struck by this. I’m almost always optimistic and positive, but I was not actually ebullient (which is defined as cheerful and full of energy). And at that time, my general attitude was more like “grim determination.” I decided that the difference between ebullience and grim determination is significant and that the trajectory for each will lead to significantly different destinations. So, my aim is to be ebullient. Sometimes, to get myself in the mood, I open my eyes super wide and smile, in a sort of crazed way, and say, “I’M EBULLIENT!!”

I’m curious to know what your current attitude is. And where you think it will lead you.

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  1. That was my first thought too, you ARE ebullient! As soon as someone so much as mentions a subject you’re passionate about, you’re the definition of cheerful and full of energy! But I love the idea that you can change your attitude and thus change your trajectory. LOVE that. Also, can you please make an YouTube for an alter ego motivational speaker? Your I Am Ebullient cheshire cat smile mantra is both hilarious and something I would actually repeat into a mirror. (Bonus: can double as a Cafe Gratitude menu item!)

  2. I am vacillating wildly between ebullient and grimly determined (or just grim) like a manic depressive, but I’m aiming for ebullient. I should do more smiling mantras. I think that would help.

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