What are these guys doing? They’re rescuing a lamb from the ocean! Wanna see a self-proclaimed formerly homophobic Christian hugging a gay stranger? I do! And a young man saving a woman’s dog? Of course! Click on the link below, for 21 pics ‘that will restore your faith in humanity.’ By the time I got to the military general and the protestor, I was bawling! I love how people have a gut instinct to help others, and be kind. And it’s amazing how many fleeting moments (like the Guatemalan girl’s reaction to being given a flower) are captured with cameras. Even more wild to contemplate is the infinite number of beautiful moments between strangers not captured by cameras. I mean, really think about that for a second–all of the small and big acts of kindness or heroism that are occurring all of the time, all over the world, that we don’t even know about, but that are undoubtedly happening. It’s mind-blowing.

(By the way, if you’ve read several posts on this blog and you’re starting to grumble that I’m too positive, or that I love ‘everything,’ it’s not true. For example, I don’t like the music of Bon Jovi. Each song is worse than the last. But see? You don’t really want to hear this kind of stuff. You probably like Bon Jovi. He seems like a nice guy. Although let’s be honest, there’s no way he’s faithful to his wife. But he has a right to make music. We all have a right to be creative, and not everyone has to like what we do, right? So, it’s kind of screwed up that you tried to get me to say something negative. You should check yourself!)


For 21 pics that are so life-affirming it’ll make you instantly happier, click on this link:







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  1. Wow – of all the things to pick on you went after Bon Jovi? Check yourself! You give love a bad name!

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