Why women love Glennon Melton

It’s tempting to dismiss Glennon Melton as just another beautiful recovering alcoholic, ex-bulimic mommy blogger. But there’s a reason she has tens of thousands of obsessed followers and a bestselling book: she is weirdly gifted at writing about everyday life, specifically, what makes it hard and what makes it beautiful. I say weirdly because, as one fan puts it, she “simultaneously sets the bar very high and very low,” in parenting and everything else she does. This post, below, is typical of her writing—you start skimming it with no intention of getting involved, then find yourself choked up because she has somehow captured everything that matters.

I’m curious whether men relate to this post. Not the part about wanting to get a makeover at the mall, the rest of it. It’s easy to imagine most women agreeing that we’re here to connect with others. But I don’t know if most men think this. I just asked Jimmy what his theory is on why we’re here and he said, “Survival?”


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  1. Thanks for putting Glennon Melton on my radar! I love your blog, Courtney, it’s so well curated and keenly observed. If you think something/someone is worthy of our attention, I always check it out.

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