Keep it weird with KELLY WEARSTLER

Kelly Wearstler

Her interior design has always been unique, and cool, but lately, she has gone off the reservation. Her work has become so complex, detailed and often “unpretty” or inaccessible that I can’t help but think she has her eye on the bigger picture: rather than creating more conventionally beautiful (but potentially less memorable) rooms, it’s possible she is purposefully cultivating an aesthetic that is original and distinctive enough to catapult her from classy contemporary designer to design legend. If so, I’m rooting for her. I like that she hears the beat of a different drummer and is not afraid to go where it leads her. Most pretty girls won’t expose themselves to ridicule, but occasionally Wearstler does (see the last link below). Her words to live by: “Take risks. You can’t get anywhere in life unless you do.”

Sample of her early work:

Samples of her recent work:

On the judging panel of Bravo TV’s “Top Design” series:

(Photo credit: John Huba)

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