Canadian “It Girl” KELLY OXFORD


Canadian writer KELLY OXFORD

This 35-year-old mother of three kids has been everywhere lately—on Jimmy Kimmel and the Today show, in the LA Times, on the New York Times bestseller list, etc. Her story: starting in the 90s, as soon as she first heard about the Net, she began blogging (she was excited because no one would be editing her). She then posted to her blog every day for about 10 years (garnering a lot of fans with her dry wit). Then she got on Twitter and acquired a ton more followers (including lots of Hollywood people). She has since sold two TV pilots and a spec movie script and now has a new book out, about crazy adventures from her life, called, “Everything is Perfect When You’re a Liar.” She, her environmental engineer husband James and their kids recently moved to L.A. so that she could pursue her career. Her take on the difference between Canada and the U.S.:

“Canada is so different just because the government is so different. The people are the same but one thing I’ve learned is that I never really understood the nationalism in America, like, “We’re number one!” It’s so difficult to be successful here. In Canada the government funds the arts so if you do rise above in America, it makes sense why people are so proud. Even going to school in Canada is so much easier. You can’t be lazy here. You have to work hard and be very smart and very wily.”

For a highlights reel of her best tweets (fyi: I don’t tweet, I retweet, from a handful of people I follow):


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  1. She’s on my twitter feed. I love her snarky humor but boy she gets some vicious responses from people. People assume that she has a black soul. I think people forget or maybe just don’t know that sometimes comedians and writers say things for effect to be funny or clever. And some people are just haters.

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