Become a creator with THE TOOLS

The Tools by Phil Stutz and Barry Michels

This book gives you 5 tools for addressing the most common problems we all deal with every day. The first tool is so good, I had to put the book aside for a few days, because I didn’t want to continue reading until I’d fully processed it. When I talked to other people whom I’d recommended the book to, they reported the same thing. And the two guys who wrote the book? You’ll immediately love them. And what’s weird is you’ll feel like they love you, too, because their caring and decency come through so strongly. And you’ll enjoy the story of their client, Vinny, the comedian who rises and falls and rises again.

Random lines from the book:

“Most human beings never leave their comfort zone”

“You get trapped in ‘the maze’ when you feel unfairly treated by someone and can’t let go of it. It’s as if the other person has moved into your mind and taken up residence. While you’re obsessing, life passes you by.”

“We feel compelled to acquire thing after thing. Yet we don’t enjoy each new item for long; once we possess it, we shift our focus to the next thing. Consumerism misdirects the natural human desire for a relationship with higher forces by convincing us that higher forces exist inside the magical something. Next time you see a group of shoppers frantically burrowing through the sale items at a department store, tell yourself you’re witnessing a hunt for cosmic magic.”

“Human beings are only happy when they are reaching toward their highest potential.”

“Failure, demoralization and paralysis all become opportunities for us to exercise a godlike creativity. If you can do this, you’ve marked yourself as a creator, independent of outer achievements. You become fearless.”

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