My latest movie, Bedroom Story, is about a married couple who hits a rough patch. We shot the entire thing in my husband’s and my (real life) bedroom. People have told me they feel like I captured private conversations they’ve had with their spouse.

“The dialogue was just so good. It felt so true to life that I felt nervous most of the time, ha ha. Nervous because I was emotionally invested in the characters and didn’t know how things would end up. Excellent sense of humor throughout.” – J.W. in Salt Lake City

Bedroom Story can be streamed on Amazon.

My first movie, What Other Couples Do, has been seen by over 2 million people and is “one of the 9 sexiest films on Amazon Prime” (along with Dirty Dancing!), according to It can be streamed on Amazon.

Find out what it’s like to live in L.A. without moving here and ruining your life. My new movie about actors looking for love and work in Hollywood is called This F*%king Town and will be on streaming platforms in March 2023.

This is a short video I made about hot Houston news anchor Dominique Sachse. Starring my chiweenie, Pippi.

Most people experience a dip in happiness in midlife, with the low point occurring, on average, around 46 years old. Social scientists call it “the midlife slump.” I call it bullshit. This short video featuring my dog, Jack Donaghy, might cheer you up. Sort of.

Pippi was such a pleasure to work with, I cast her again in another short video about midlife malaise.