My movie Bedroom Story is about a married couple who hits a rough patch. We shot the entire thing in my husband’s and my (real life) bedroom. People often tell me they feel like I captured private conversations they’ve had with their spouse.

“The dialogue was just so good. It felt so true to life that I felt nervous most of the time, ha ha. Nervous because I was emotionally invested in the characters and didn’t know how things would end up. Excellent sense of humor throughout.” – J.W. in Salt Lake City

Bedroom Story can be streamed here.

My first movie, What Other Couples Do, has been seen by over 2 million people and is “one of the 9 sexiest films on Amazon Prime” (along with Dirty Dancing!), according to

It can be streamed here.

My new movie is about actors looking for love and work in Hollywood. This F*%king Town will be on streaming platforms Fall 2023.

This is a short video I made about hot Houston news anchor Dominique Sachse. Starring my chiweenie, Pippi.

Most people experience a dip in happiness in midlife, with the low point occurring, on average, around 46 years old. Social scientists call it “the midlife slump.” I call it bullshit. This short video featuring my dog, Jack Donaghy, might cheer you up. Sort of.

Pippi was such a pleasure to work with, I cast her again in another short video about midlife malaise.