You gotta see Maria Bamford’s “Special Special Special!”

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Terry Gross is irritating, but her NPR interview of comedian Maria Bamford touches on everything that is great about Bamford. If you want to just lie on your couch, listen to the interview, and get to know someone who is fascinating and funny (that would be Bamford, not you, Terry Gross!), click here:

The trailer for Bamford’s comedy concert “The Special Special Special!” is good but doesn’t do it justice. The show is nuts and hilarious. The best is when she imitates her mother and other women–it’s like she transforms into someone else right before your very eyes.

Btw, if you appreciate good website design, check out her site. And her responses to “FAQ” are interesting (click on “FAQ” at the top of the page):

Maybe a good quote will help you pull the trigger on her “Special Special Special!”:

“I love Maria Bamford. I think she’s hysterically funny. She’s one of the few people that really makes you laugh hard, who’s doing something so interesting and insane.”  – Judd Apatow