Laugh, or the cortisol will kill you

As you probably already know by now, it’s been proven that stress causes disease and laughter can be curative. So, watching these clips of comedian Sebastian Maniscalco is not wasting time, it’s improving your health.

Sebastian is from Chicago, he’s Italian-American, and he appears not to be jaded after living in LA. For example, he still seems to enjoy meeting fans after shows and taking lots of pics with everyone. I had wanted to cast him as the standup comedian, “Ryan,” in my movie (“What Other Couples Do”), but he didn’t respond to my email until after I’d cast Mike Friedman, which turned out to be a blessing. Mike is an experienced actor, was great in the role, and now I can’t imagine anyone else as Ryan. But I thought it was nice of Sebastian to respond to my email.

My friend Denise saw his most recent set at Hermosa Beach Comedy and Magic Club and said people were laughing so hard they were crying. But it’s always best to go into things with low expectations, so that you’re pleasantly surprised. So, forget what I said and just watch these clips and see if you don’t enjoy him. If you want to see him live, he is constantly appearing in clubs all over the country: