Elle Macpherson’s Tumblr site

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The posts on Elle Macpherson’s “Insights” blog on Tumblr are smart, concise and elegant. Clearly, she or someone on her staff has good taste and is up on every neat cultural event taking place right now. Each post features a single, compelling image, and you’ll find yourself wishing you could read every book, see every film and attend every exhibit covered. You’ll also find yourself wishing you could just see some T&A—I mean, this IS Elle Macpherson, the 80s supermodel known as “The Body” to her fellow Australians. If you make your way through to older posts, you will in fact see swimsuit pics that amaze and astound. (Of course, you can also just Google pics of Elle without going to her Tumblr site. Why read anything culture-related at all when you can go straight to the eye candy? This is why the Internet is bad, of course. It enables us to indulge our preference for instant gratification rather than seek out more challenging, thought-provoking content.)

(Did you think I was going to offer a solution to this? We already know what the solution is. Everyone keeps telling us: “Unplug.”)