The solution to chronic pain!

If you’ve been caught in the hellish cycle of chronic pain (ongoing back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, migraines, fibromyalgia, IBS, tongue pain (yes, this is possible!), mouth pain, eye pain, etc.), it may surprise you to learn that there’s likely nothing wrong with your body.

You are not damaged and you likely don’t have a life-threatening problem, despite serious-sounding diagnoses received from doctors or what x-rays show.

In fact, the author estimates that 90% of pain is not structural but neuroplastic. (!!)

“Normally, the brain gets signals from throughout the body and processes them. If the body experiences an injury, the brain generates a feeling of pain. But sometimes the system goes haywire. Sometimes the ‘pain switch’ in our brains can get stuck in the on position and cause chronic pain. We call this neuroplastic pain.”

“Fear fuels the brain’s mistakes and leads to an endless loop called the pain-fear cycle. Believing your body is damaged feeds into that fear and keeps the pain stuck.”

You are particularly at risk of developing chronic pain if you are a worrier or a ruminator, if you put a lot of pressure on yourself to be perfect, or if you tend to be critical of yourself.

When you have chronic pain, your world gets smaller and smaller—you become more and more focused on avoiding pain, and you do less of the things you love, for fear of exacerbating the pain.

If you are over it, and you are desperate to enjoy life again, get this book here. (Don’t like to read? Get the audio version!)


  1. Beautifully written article…stillness, breath, self-care and positive thoughts will change your life! Thank you for sharing and I hope you are feeling better!


  2. This definitely speaks to me. Thank you for reminding me to reassure myself. And the new nugget I love is to fall in love with your future. I tried to feel excited for a few minutes, and it really did start to reset my outlook. I always learn something cool from you. Thanks!

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