The Way Out: How to heal chronic pain

Before the above book came out, this post used to be a long story about my own experience with chronic pain. Now that I’ve read the book, I am deleting all of that copy that used to be here, so that you don’t waste a single moment reading something other than this book, which will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! It is fantastic and you will be so glad you read it! Get it here!! (Don’t like to read? Get the audio version!)


  1. Beautifully written article…stillness, breath, self-care and positive thoughts will change your life! Thank you for sharing and I hope you are feeling better!


  2. This definitely speaks to me. Thank you for reminding me to reassure myself. And the new nugget I love is to fall in love with your future. I tried to feel excited for a few minutes, and it really did start to reset my outlook. I always learn something cool from you. Thanks!

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