Hi. My name is Courtney Daniels and I’m an independent filmmaker. I love animals, muscle cars, matcha lattes, and anyone with a strong regional accent.

Tonight, when you’re looking for something to watch, I hope you’ll check out What Other Couples Do. It’s about marriage, career competitiveness, and envy. It might remind you of couples you know. Over 3 million people have seen it and there are 570 reviews of it on Amazon. (My favorite negative review is just 2 words: “No nudes.” Like there’s not enough porn on the net for that guy? When I told my editor, Jason, who is a relatively serious person, this 2-word review, he laughed so hard he cried.)

Here’s a link to the movie on Amazon. Or you can watch it here on Tubi.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of tackling something really challenging, I hope you’ll feel inspired to go for it after listening to this interview in which I share my experience working outside the Hollywood studio system:


Here’s another interview that I’ve been told is inspiring. It’s hosted by two talented and funny actors I work with often, Mike Friedman and Matt Ferrucci. 

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Mike Friedman and Annie Cavalero, from Bedroom Story
My brother-in-law Mark Nadeski, actor Mike Friedman, me, and my husband and producing partner Jimmy
Me and Natalia Fabrizio, from This Fucking Town