Hi. My name is Courtney Daniels and I’m an independent filmmaker. Besides bullying people into following their passion,
I love animals, muscle cars, matcha lattes, and anyone with a strong regional accent.  

According to a U.S. library study of Americans’ book reading habits, a certain percentage of serious readers feel a strong need to create a world and populate it with characters they’ve made up. That’s one reason I make movies. Another is that I’m trying to understand life and process my experiences. 

Tonight, when you’re looking for something to watch, I hope you’ll consider What Other Couples Do. It’s about the challenges of marriage and having kids, it’s about career competitiveness and jealousy, and it might remind you of couples you know. Over 3 million people have seen it and there are 570 reviews of it on Amazon. (My favorite negative review is just 2 words: “No nudes.” Like there’s not enough porn on the net for that guy?? When I told my editor, Jason, who is a relatively serious person, this 2-word review, he laughed so hard he cried.)

Here’s a link to the movie on Amazon. Or you can watch it here on Tubi.

(Consider paying $1.99 or whatever it costs to watch the movie without ads. Not because I’ll make more money—I literally get only pennies per stream of my movies—but YOU will have a much better viewing experience, not being interrupted every 5 minutes by weird, off-brand ads. I promise you, after the second or third ad break, you will pay anything to MAKE IT STOP.)

If you’ve been toying with the idea of making a film–or trying something else that’s daunting!–I hope you’ll feel inspired to go for it after listening to this podcast interview in which I talk about my journey outside the Hollywood studio system:


Here’s another interview that I’ve been told is inspiring. It’s hosted by two talented and funny actors I work with often, Mike Friedman and Matt Ferrucci.